Urban Planners

Cities, schools, transit agencies and real estate planners have a new weapon on dwindling budgets, climate change and crime.  FreeCharge stations eliminate the need for trenching, wiring and other requirements to power  cameras, sensors, electronic displays, video management and many other modern services required to stay relevant in today’s rapidly evolving digital society.

Instant Smart City

FreeCharge stations are an entirely new class of smart urban furniture.  They are:

  • Attractive gathering locations
  • Engaging and loaded with public features
  • Always on.  Able predict and help manage crowds
  • Safe and secure with sensors that can help prevent and deter any  harmful actions before they happen (without worry of invading privacy).
  • Future Proof Platforms.  Easily upgraded with new or updated hardware.  Remotely managed with firmware and software updates as needed.
  • Flexible and easily transportable to instantly reconfigure public spaces without a lot of fuss.
  • Resilient and completely self-powered – available 24/7/365.  Far better than any power grid on the planet.
  • Non-polluting since they are powered by 100% clean energy (all the time).
  • Always refreshing.  New models are updated and refreshed all the time.

Wireless and Smart

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