• Energize your City

    with self-powered smart urban furniture
  • Protect your Community

    with new digital asset management
  • Connect Everything

    with 5G, WiFi and more
  • Engage your Audience

    with attractive colorful messaging

Changing Lives


Smart City Features

Sustainable, Resilient, Secure

Always On

FreeCharge devices deliver clean power 24/7 - without the grid. Rain, sleet, snow, natural disaster or whatever, our devices are…

Always Connected

FreeCharge devices connect communities and energize infrastructure resiliently. With blazing fast WiFi or 5G connectivity, drop in and freestanding smart…

Always Safe

FreeCharge stations make communities safer. Available with smart lighting, gunshot detection, noise sensing, SOS 911 connect, video management and more.…



By everyone for everyone!

FreeCharge was inspired by citizens who saw firsthand the effects of climate change on public infrastructure – especially power. FreeCharge was inspired by commuters who want safe, well lit bus stops and open spaces in their communities – without unreliable and polluting grid power.

FreeCharge was created by:

  • designers who are tired of blighted communities from conduit and continual trenching to install unsightly cameras, sensors, lights and other devices.
  • planners and architects who envision more flexible and resilient public infrastructure.
  • communications companies that want a better way to expand their infrastructure.
  • students and millenials who expect public services to be engaging and useful.
  • mothers who want their children to be able to play outdoors with public safety nearby.
  • urban dwellers who prefer to walk or commute without range anxiety.
  • thought leaders who who want to get their message out to everyone sustainably.
  • executives and leaders who want their communities to appeal to a mobile generation that is deeply committed to resolving climate change.

FreeCharge was created by thinkers, doers and leaders. FreeCharge was created by everyone for everyone!

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About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Your FreeCharge Team

FreeCharge is a public private initiative to help communities become safer and more sustainable. We are doing this by deploying self-powered, smart urban furniture and kiosks to public agencies, utilities, infrastructure companies and real estate companies.

Your FreeCharge team is managed by a team of professionals, supported by tech companies, sponsors, financiers, infrastructure companies and other service providers.



What We Offer


Our diverse team of global experts is available to help plan your smart city or campus deployment. Expertise includes: planning (duh), architecture, engineering, utilities, security, public safety and smart cities.…


Host a FreeCharge station and get benefits SafeAdvanced lighting to keep your area safer and noticeableSecureAdvanced video management for day and night protectionEngagingInteractive features keep visitors engaged when you want…


Our field technicians are available to supervise and manage setup and installation of your deployment(s). Whether your deployment is large or small, our seasoned project managers will work with you…

Monitoring and Service

FreeCharge stations are monitored remotely, so troubleshooting and most updates are done without manual intervention. For repairs and cleaning, we utilize a network of repair technicians to keep FreeCharge stations…

About our services.

Whether you just want a single charging station or to build the smartest city on the planet, we promise to help you succeed. To deliver on that promise, we are building out a world class service platform to make sure the FreeCharge network is always on, always connected and always safe.

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