FreeCharge was inspired by citizens who saw firsthand the effects of climate change on public infrastructure – especially power. FreeCharge was inspired by commuters who want safe, well lit bus stops and open spaces in their communities – without unreliable and polluting grid power.

FreeCharge was created by:

  • designers who are tired of blighted communities from conduit and continual trenching to install unsightly cameras, sensors, lights and other devices.
  • planners and architects who envision more flexible and resilient public infrastructure.
  • communications companies that want a better way to expand their infrastructure.
  • students and millenials who expect public services to be engaging and useful.
  • mothers who want their children to be able to play outdoors with public safety nearby.
  • urban dwellers who prefer to walk or commute without range anxiety.
  • thought leaders who who want to get their message out to everyone sustainably.
  • executives and leaders who want their communities to appeal to a mobile generation that is deeply committed to resolving climate change.

FreeCharge was created by thinkers, doers and leaders. FreeCharge was created by everyone for everyone!

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