Host a FreeCharge station and get benefits


Advanced lighting to keep your area safer and noticeable


Advanced video management for day and night protection


Interactive features keep visitors engaged when you want

FreeCharge is:

Agile. Portable, free standing or drop-in infrastructure allows for ultimate flexibility and fast “remodeling” of the urban landscape.

Resilient. Self-powered and self-healing autonomous infrastructure can adjust to climate events and natural disasters without missing a beat.

Lowest Cost. Self-powered means wireless is truly wireless. No need for expensive and unsightly utility lines and connections. Save on permits, multi-party approvals, grid connections (and dependency).

Sustainable. Powered by renewable energy and sustainably sourced materials means you can feel confident about doing good by the natural environment. Better yet, getting people outside more is good for everyone.

Some of our latest stations

Whether you simply want to power up a remote outpost, your entire community or beef up national security, FreeCharge solutions are fully scalable. Learn more>

Finally a clean looking EV charger made for workplace, apartments or public charging. This smart station has the only patented cord reel technology that is safe for pedestrians. Wall or pedestal mount. Digital and skinned branding available. Single, double, quad charger designs. Learn more>

The energi plant has 9 bench-sized messaging panels, seating for 9-12, lighting, video, WiFi, gunshot detection and even doubles as a 5G small cell station. Learn more>

The solar smart bench has 2 vertical panels for advertising or wayfinding, device charging, SOS connections. Learn more>

The digital locker has a 15.6″ touch screen ad panel with full audio and video capabilities, recharging lockers. Learn more>

The mid-sized digital locker is wall or pedestal mounted and features 22″ digital or full HD video, charging lockers. Learn more>

The large digital locker has a 42″ full HD screen with audio and video capabilities, charging lockers and more. It can be fixed or portable. Learn more>

Ready to energize your world or need something custom developed? Simply tell us about your needs or ideas and we’ll work with you to whip something up. Contact us>

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