Charge Safe

The Smart Charger provides a place to safely and securely store personal belongings while recharging their phones and tablets.  Customers simply plug their device into an available universal adapter, enter their temporary 4-digit code, close the door and come back to a recharged device.  Can be tabletop, wall mounted or placed on kiosk pedestal (pedestal extra).  FreeCharge or Pay-per-use options available.

Game Changer:

  • Secure (non-attended) charging
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Custom colors or branding
  • Pedestal or wall mount

Ideal for:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants/Food Courts
  • Theaters
  • Offices
  • Malls
  • Resorts
  • Venues
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This charging station provides secure charging for patrons and revenue opportunity for you.

Safe and secure.  The charge safe provides unattended charging for: phones, tablets, cameras and other devices.  It features built-in universal adapters for maximum flexibility.  Whether your patrons are stopping by to grab a snack, dining in, shopping, watching a movie or just need a place to recharge their mobile devices, now they can safely leave their device unattended and retrieve it later with a full charge.

Clean Design.  The charge safe is made of ruggedized, weather resistant steel to provide a lifetime of trouble free use.   Doors and hinges are solid and built to withstand heavy loads.  Locks are super strong electro-magnetic locks.  Custom colors or skins available.

Easy Maintenance.  Components are modular and easy to replace or repair.  Worn out charging cables can be easily replaced from the keyed master access panel.  Payment mechanism can be replaced or upgraded later.

Easy to Use.  Plug in phone. Enter short user code (or wave NFC card).  Close door.  LED light indicates charge status.  Enter code (or pay) and remove phone.

Location Friendly.  Runs on 120v or 240v power.  Table top, wall mount or kiosk pedestal available.  

Pay-per-use Options.  Charge Safe can also be equipped with one of three retail options: coin/token only, RFID only (e.g. for student or employee ID cards), Flex Pay 5-in-1 secure payment (mag stripe, paper bills, EMV compliant chip cards, contactless cards and NFC reader).   Flex Pay is Interac Flash, ISIS and Google Wallet ready.  SIM Card required for NFC or Flex Pay.  Mobile access charges may apply.

Status Alerts.  Flex pay and RFID enabled transactions and operations are monitored so you are alerted when it’s time to check the status of your machines or pick up your cash (if you take cash).  Email and text alerts can be customized to match your needs.

Revenue Portal.  With Flex Pay, you can login to see your KPIs (key performance indicators) of your machines to track your best selling locations or better plan the next “hot spots” for your machines.

Secure and Compliant.  Our Flex Pay uses the latest technologies for secure transactions.  Flex Pay is EMV Level 1 & Level 2 compliance which means fraud is virtually eliminated so your risk is insignificant.

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